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Model No. 2238-H
Plastic Cow Handwash Bottle
Model No. 3329
Plastic Penguin Handwash Bottle
Item No. U13-X1
Shoulder Computer Bag
Plastic Duck USB Flash Driver
PVC Duck USB Flash Driver
Item No. G190-GW-01B
2600mah Mobile Charger
Item No. W69-X3
Manual Animal Fan
Item No. W69-X2
Manual Animal Fan
Item No. W69-X1
Manual Animal Fan
Item No. P29-K420
Plastic Keychain Tools
Item No. Y75-X1
Constellation Cup Mat
Item No. Y91-X3
PVC Inflatable Tumbler
Item No. Y91-X2
PVC Inflatable Ball
Item No. Y91-X1
PVC Inflatable Flower
Item No. G180-JC-S061B
Plastic Cup
Item No. G180-JC-S021B
Plastic Cup
Item No. G180-JC-S052
Plastic Cup
Item No. G180-JC-S018
Plastic Cup
Item No. G180-JC-S032S
Plastic Cup
Item No. T79-X1
Butt Pocket
Item No. G173-X3
Metal Eiffel Tower
Item No. M68-X1
PVC Luggage Tag
Item No. H95-KC04
Liquid Filled Keychain
Item No. H54-HL2013-1
LED Dog Voice Keychain
Item No. H118-RB-555
Micro SD Reader & USB Drive
Item No. A34-X1
Camera USB Drive
Item No. A60-A200064
Card Holder
Item No. Y84-LT2002
PVC Football Luggage Tag
Item No. Y84-LT2004
PVC Golf Luggage Tag
Item No. W44-X1
Model No. 1304
Mini Plastic Storage Box
Item No.: A55-X1
Plastic Duck Whistle
Item No. C51-X1, X2
Bottle Shape Umbrella
Item No. D37-D-012
Aluminium Business Card Holder
Item No. M47-X1-121
Retractable Duster
Item No. S161-X1
Neoprene Keychain
Item No. Y77-YB-1005
PE Raincoat
Item No. Y77-YB-3003
PVC Raincoat
Item No. T67-LH-18
Luggage Tag
Item No. S158-X1
Heart Shape Tin Box

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