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DUCK DUCK is a cute duck series that uses traditional duck to put with simple but varieties of flavours and dressings for every occasion. You may also find some unique ducks created by our own designers. Let’s duck around and wish you all a ducky day~!

(P.S. Colour of vinyl duck can be arranged as per customer request,
         Logo & Imprint can also be arranged when required.)


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Model No. 1949
Vinyl Flower Duck
Model No. 1947
Vinyl Dinosaur Duck
Model No. 1888
Vinyl Suit Duck
Model No. 1865
Vinyl Vacation Duck
Model No. 1853
Vinyl Racing Duck
Model No. 1839
Vinyl Business Duck
Model No. 1838
Vinyl Muscle Duck
Model No. 1823
Vinyl Rugby Duck
Model No. 1823-B
Vinyl Rugby Duck
Model No. 1764
Vinyl Tea Duck
Item No. L39-XM9-W
Vinyl Wood Pattern Duck
Model No. 1802
Vinyl Suitcase Duck
Model No. 1780B
Vinyl National Guard Duck
Model No. 1780A
Vinyl National Guard Duck
Model No. 1569
Vinyl Sommelier Duck
Model No. 1665
Vinyl Motocross Duck
Model No. 1652
Vinyl Gentleman Duck
Model No. 1740
Vinyl Painter Duck
Model No. 1614
Vinyl Devil Duck
Model No. 1608
Vinyl Cat Knight Duck
Model No. 1220-B
Vinyl Devil Lady Duck
Model No. 1417
Vinyl Ghost Duck
Model No. 1315
Vinyl Skeleton Duck
Model No. 1314
Vinyl Mummy Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/100.
Vinyl Businessman Duck.
Model No. 1310
Vinyl Monster Duck
Item No. S12-X13/101.
Vinyl Vampire Duck.
Item No. S12-X13/09A.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. S12-X13/09B.
Vinyl Duck
Item No. S12-X13-092.
Vinyl Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/099.
Vinyl Skeleton Duck.
Model No. 1377
Vinyl Eros Duck
Model No. 1367
Vinyl Angel Duck
Model No. 1346
Vinyl Santa Duck
Model No. 1378
Vinyl Snowman Duck
Model No. 1211
Vinyl Deer Duck
Item No. L39-XM9-CP / CW
Vinyl Christmas Duck
Item No. L39-XM9R-CR / CG
Vinyl Christmas Duck
Item No. S12-X2/09
Vinyl Christmas Duck.
Model No. 974
Vinyl Nun Floating Duck.

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