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DUCK DUCK is a cute duck series that uses traditional duck to put with simple but varieties of flavours and dressings for every occasion. You may also find some unique ducks created by our own designers. Let’s duck around and wish you all a ducky day~!

(P.S. Colour of vinyl duck can be arranged as per customer request,
         Logo & Imprint can also be arranged when required.)


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Item No. L39-XL9/V5.
Vinyl Tropical Duck.
Model No. 937
Vinyl Duck
Item No. L39-XL9-HP.
Vinyl Headphones Duck.
Model No. 868
Vinyl Headphone Duck
Item No. L39-63001A-PC.
Vinyl Duck with Plastic Capsule.
Item No. 009.
Vinyl Rugby Duck.
Model No. 894
Vinyl Ice Hockey Duck
Model No. 875
Vinyl Mobile Duck
Item No. L39-X14.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-X14K.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-X14L.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-X14M.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-XL9 & Item No. S12-XF9.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-XL9/RI & Item No. S12-XF9/RI.
Vinyl Ribbon Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/Q & Item No. S12-XF9/Q.
Vinyl Dot Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/O & Item No. S12-XF9/O.
Vinyl Rose Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/P & Item No. S12-XF9/P.
Vinyl Baby Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/N & Item No. S12-XF9/N.
Vinyl Pirate Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/M & Item No. S12-XF/-M.
Vinyl Jungle Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/L & Item No. S12-XF9/L.
Vinyl Diamand Duck
Item No. L39-XL9/J & Item No. S12-XF9/J.
Vinyl Flower Duck
Item No. L39-XM9
Vinyl Priest Duck.
Item No. S12-X127 & Item No. S12-X128.
Mr. Muddle & Mrs. Muddle Vinyl Duck Coin Bank.
Item No. L39-L63001A/095.
Vinyl Wrestlers Duck.
Item No. L39-XL9F-G20.
Vinyl Duck With Fur.
Vinyl Nurse Duck.
Item No. L39-XL9/BFD.
Vinyl Duck.
Item No. L39-XL9/MFD.
Vinyl Duck.
Vinyl Ranger Duck.
Model No. 1917
Model No. 1680
Item No. S12-XL437E
Model No. 1050M
Model No. 1432-F

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