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Duck whistle, bath stopper, massager, lamp, telephone and more~!

(P.S. Colour of duck can be arranged as per customer request,
         Logo & Imprint can also be arranged when required.)

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Item No. C124-2026B
Plastic Friction Duck
Model No. 1924

Duck Flight Chess Set

Item No. G182-1699
Plastic Swimming Duck
Item No. J92-X1
Plastic Kids Duck Sunglasses
Item No. 129-STP-190710
Item No. M72-X1
Duck Slippers
Model No. 1405
Vinyl Marry Duck with Car
Item No. L65-X1
Plush Toy Duck
Model No. 1301
Vinyl Duck Bathing Toy
Item No. R27-RK0168
Plush Toy Chef Duck
Item No. R27-RK0167
Plush Toy Graduated Duck
Model No. 1174
Nylon Duck Backpack.
Model No. 1173
Nylon Duck Shoulder Bag.
H52-1001, S1001, 6201, S6201
Cotton Duck Sun Visor & Cotton Duck Cap.
Item No. S10-H001 & Item No. S1-H001/B,
Plastic Duck Lip Whistle with Lanyard / String.
Item No. PC-1, PC-2 & PC-3.
Post Card
Item No. F11-PV22121.
Diaper Mat.
Item No. I12-IDL-E10
Plastic Baby Bath Thermometer Duck.
Item No. K20-435
Plastic Bracelet.
Item No. R27-DTA0002
Plush Toy Duck
Item No. G55-DTA0013
Plush Toy Duck
Item No. G55-DTA0025
Plush Toy Duck
Item No. G55-DTA0034
Plush Toy Duck
Item No. C3-ST056.
Item No. A1-S-101C.
Duck Soap.
Item No. T5-FT52A.
Fun Jiggly Light-Up Pen.
Item No. E1-EJ-241289.
Porcelain Enamel Steel Whistling Kettle.
Item No. S6-JQ-2088.
Duck Clock & Radio.
Item No. S6-JQ-2088B.
Duck Fan & Radio.
Item No. M2-2211.
3 Pcs Set Duck Candle.
Item No. T6-NB1079.
Flocked Nodding Duck.
Item No. L1-AFC24294-4
Ceramic Duck.
Item No. L1-AFC24294-6
Ceramic Duck.
Item No. L1-AFC-24327-6.
Ceramic Duck.
Item No. L1-DCS708.
Wooden Duck.
Item No. L1-DCS742.
Wooden Duck.
Item No. L2-G-5828.
Door bell with Duck sound.
Item No. P4-9981.
Item No. P4-3381.
Pull Back Duck Puzzle Play Set.

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