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Item No. S12-1106 & S12-1108 & S12-3103 & S12-3277 & S12-3307.
Plastic Steak, Beef , Peans & Carrots & Rice White.
Item No. S12-3072 & S12-3072A & S12-3168.
Plastic Butter Squares & Plastic Cheese & Plastic Egg(Fried).
Item No. S12-3096.
Plastic Cantaloupe Slice.
Item No. S12-3214.
Plastic Lemon.
Item No. S12-3238 & S12-3242 & S12-3301.
Plastic Plastic Hamburger Cooked, Plastic Hot Dog & Plastic Potato Mashed.
Item No. S12-3280 & S12-3280/A.
Plastic Pepper Red Large & Plastic Pepper Red.
Item No. S12-3190.
Plastic Orange Juice in a Glass.
Item No. S12-3270 & S12-3294.
Plastic Peach & PLastic Plum.
Item No. S12-3178.
Plastic Fish Speckle Trout.
Item No. S12-3177 & S12-3257.
Plastic Fig & Plastic Onion.
Item No. S12-3076 & S12-3094 & S12-3094A.
Plastic Chocolate.
Item No. S12-3098 & S12-1030.
Plastic Carrot
Item No. S12-3109.
Plastic Celery.
Item No. S12-1053 & S12-1058 & S12-1060.
Plastic Donut.
Item No. S12-3120 & S12-3120/A.
Plastic Cookie.
Item No. S12-3081 & S12-3084 & S12-3087.
Plastic Cake.
Item No. S12-3236 & S12-3027 & S12-3116 & S12-3011.
Plastic Bacon Pclong, Bologna Slice, Cheese Slice & Ham Slice.
Item No. S12-3352 & S12-3353.
Plastic Watermelon.
Item No. S12-3342 & S12-3345.
Plastic Tomato.
Item No. S12-3340.
Plastic Taco.
Item No. S12-3244 & S12-3249 & S12-3321.
Plastic Lamp Chop Cooked, Meatball Shrish Kebab & Steak Large Cooked.
Item No. S12-3327 & S12-3328.
Plastic Starwberries.
Item No. S12-3322 & S12-3323 & S12-3324.
Plastic Spaghetti .
Item No. S12-6012.
Plastic Soda Bottle.
Item No. S12-3303 & S12-3303/A.
Plastic Pretzel
Item No. S12-3293 & S12-6067.
Plastic Pizza.
Item No. S12-3049 & S12-3052.
Plastic Bread .
Item No. S12-3038 & S12-3038-1
Plastic Bread & Plastic Bread Rye Slice.
Item No. S12-3035 & S12-3052 & S12-3266.
Plastic Pita Bread Half & Plastic Bread Hamburger Bun Bottom & Plastic Bread Half & Pllastic Pancake.
Item No. S12-3009 & S12-1142.
Plastic Avocado & Watermelon.
Item No. S12-3006 & S12-3016 & S12-3279.
Plastic Artichoke, & Beans String Not Individual & Peans (Sweet).
Item No. S12-1133 & S12-3298.
Plastic Potato.
Item No. S12-1127 & S12-3288 & S12-3289.
Plastic Pineapple.
Item No. S12-1122 & S12-3281 & S12-3285.
Plastic Pepper.
Item No. S12-1117 & S12-3275.
Plastic Pear.
Item No. S12-1112 & S12-1112/A & S12-3263 & S12-3273.
Plastic Orange.
Item No. S12-1105 & S12-3044 & S12-3148.
Plastic Bread & Donut.
Item No. S12-1102 & S12-3015 & S12-3325 & S12-3336.
Plastic Beans & Plastic Spring Roll & Iterm No. Plasti Ham Loaf.
Item No. S12-1100 & S12-3230 & S12-3231.
Plastic Fried Chicken.

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